Hint: there’s an important item in the above picture that most tailgaters always forget. Answer at the end of the blog!

There is A LOT of planning that goes into a tailgate – so it’s no surprise that there are always those random items that get left behind! We’ve polled our Tailgater Concierge staff across our teams from University of Michigan to University of Oregon to find out what the most common items are that get forgotten from tailgaters.

Here’s a check list for you and your friends/family to reference in the fall before you head out to your tailgate!


  • Matches and/or a lighter for the BBQ
  • BBQ tongs – we don’t want any dads burning their knuckles using a plastic fork to flip those burgers
  • Bottle Opener
  • TRASH BAGS – help your neighbors out!
  • Cups (always bring more than you think – people always tend to lose them)
    • A great idea to help your friends & family not lose their cup – bring a sharpie and have everyone write their names.
  • Hand wipes / cleaning spray – tailgates always tend to get a bit messy
  • Enough ice to last you the tailgate – ice is usually very hard to come by once you’re in your location
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Tupperware to pack up all the leftovers and send friends/family home with doggie bags
  • Sunscreen

And of course, be sure not to forget: GAME TICKETS & PARKING PASSES! Although the tailgate is by far the best part (duh!), it’d be a bummer to not go into the game.

Also, be sure to look up your stadium’s bag policy and make sure the bag you bring fits the guidelines. Almost every stadium will have adopted the clear bag policy for the 2019 football season.

Do you know any other commonly forgotten tailgating items? Let us know!

Tailgate on,

Team Tailgaters


p.s. the answer to the first hint: red solo cups 🙂